Photography projects

So, photography projects, something I do on the side to test my skills and keep everything as fun as possible. Basically I have a short attention span and constantly need something to do to keep me entertained so what better way to do it then keep pushing myself with different photography bits?

Last year I did a #365challenge over on Instagram, posting a picture a day. It wasn’t perfect and at times it also wasn’t very pretty but I did manage to post 365 photos. At the end of the year I had to take some time off from working for a minor surgery but I’d got too far into the challenge and I was far too stubborn to let it go so for the last couple months the posts were a bit hit and miss but I still managed to pull it off so it’s not all bad I suppose.

This year’s project is to get more use out of an old Polaroid Land camera 1000 I have. I bought it off some guy at a French market a couple years back, he didn’t speak English and I speak very, very little French but we managed to come to a deal on it. I’ve never actually been 100% on whether it actually works or not but I managed to find some film thanks to the Impossible Project and low and behold it actually does!

Here’s the shot to come from it that I’ve been happy with;


I’m still getting to grips with how to expose on it properly as its the first Polaroid I’ve ever owned so we’ll see how it goes, something to play with for the rest of the year. Stay tuned.


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