Gimme all your money!

Don’t worry, this isn’t a stick up, I’ve opened up an online store.

I set the store up to start selling different prints of gigs for anyone who was interested but I’ve also found a handful of old framed landscape prints, and a portrait thrown in for good measure, that I never sold so I thought it’d be a good idea to start off with them. I also decided to write this blog post to share a little bit more about each image because I’m nice like that you see.

So here goes…

“A Tunnel of Trees”

A Tunnel of Trees
A Tunnel of Trees

This was taken on Beacon Fell, just outside of Preston, on what I remember was a rather cold and windy day with only a little bit of sun. Quite why I decided to go up there in those conditions I have no idea but I did also go to Iceland on a whim so I’m starting to think I subconsciously enjoy the cold…

Anyway, more about the shot. This wasn’t the shot I was originally hoping to get but I spotted the pathway while wondering around so figured I may as well take a few snaps of it while I was there. Once I got home and imported all the photos I really quite enjoyed this one.

Little tid bit; there’s a walker and their dog hiding behind a tree somewhere as they saw me taking a few shots. If you can spot them, you’ve got better eyes than me.




I bloody love fireworks.

This one was taken in Riley Green, that’s somewhere on the back roads between Preston, Chorley and Blackburn, during the closing number of St Catherine’s “Symphony at the Tower” which used to take place in the grounds of Hoghton Tower each summer to raise money for a local hospice.

I got there early and had everything set up and ready to go well before the fireworks started, with the camera on a remote trigger. I’m so glad I did as I had two kids quizzing me about my gear, photography and my dog (Yes, he bloody loves fireworks too. He’s an odd one) throughout the whole display so I could have otherwise missed everything.


“A Handful of Bluebells”

A Handful of Bluebells
A Handful of Bluebells

Everyone loves bluebells don’t they? Always know the good weather is on it’s way when these little lovelies start popping up all over the place.

Taken where I usually go walking my dog, in Brinscall woods somewhere between Brinscall itself and White Copice. Great little walk and some great views.

At a certain point during the spring the whole bottom end of the woods gets covered in bluebells. There’s another print coming up later that kinda shows the extent of which they take over.


“Rocky Outcrop”

Rocky Outcrop
Rocky Outcrop

I got a new lens and wanted to try it out, jumped in my car, went for a drive and this is where I ended up. Taken while stood on Devil’s Bridge just outside Kirby Lonsdale in the Lake District.

Interesting story. I thought I was alone on the bridge and didn’t think anyone else was about. I had the camera on a tripod (to get the motion blur in the water) and I was slightly bent over with my eye glued to the view finder when someone asked me what I was shooting. I jumped up, nearly out of my skin, and almost knocked the camera with tripod attached off the bridge into the water. Thankfully managed to catch it though so I guess that’s a happy ending.


“Fantastic Mr Fox”

Fantastic Mr Fox
Fantastic Mr Fox

Shot in Yarrow Valley park while actually searching for dear.

I was quietly wondering round the woods with my camera on my tripod ready to set up and stay in one spot for a while hoping some dear would come skipping past. As I was coming up to the spot where I’d been told the dear would usually hang out I saw the fox about 10 to 15 feet in front of me, ridiculously close for a wild animal, and thought my luck was in. Unfortunately while trying to get my camera sorted two legs of the tripod hit, made a noise, the fox heard me and scarpered. Bugger.

Sometime later he turned up again but at the far side of the field but I just about managed to squeeze enough out of my zoom to catch him.


“Lost in the Blue and the Green”

Lost in the Blue and the Green
Lost in the Blue and the Green

This is the other shot from Brinscall Woods and is just a little snapshot of how much the bluebells take over the wood floor. This wasn’t even at it’s peak, I just really enjoyed the composition.


“Only One”

Only One
Only One

Taken in between the sand dunes at St Annes outside of Blackpool.

Not at all the shot I went to get but I couldn’t help the weather ruining that one. Not wanting to waste my time or petrol I spent a bit longer walking around between the dunes snapping anything and everything that I could and this shot really stood out to me.

I decided to flip the shot to black and white to try and get rid of the nasty grey overtones from the rainy day and messed about with the colour mix to get the to get the effect you can see on the print.


I hope you’ve enjoyed a couple of these shots and maybe some of my anecdotes but if not I’ll try harder next time.

Don’t forget, if you want to go check out the store and maybe buy a print the link is in the top right hand corner of the home page so give it a click and go explore.


(edit – if you buy a print all the money goes to my new car fund, none of it will be spent on bacon, doughnuts or pizza. Honest…)

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