Snap back to reality, oops there goes gravity

So I’ve just been and spent a couple days down at The Photography Show learning a few new bits from some great talks and perving on all the equipment I couldn’t afford but now it’s back to reality (hence the title of this blog).

It seems I have a rather busy week ahead of me with all sorts of different shoots going on so if you want to keep up to date with all of that I’ll be adding as much as I can to my Insta stories for everyone to have a peek at.

In the mean time though I thought I’d just share this with you; the first shot released from my promo shoot with Manchester based rap group Illerstate a couple of weeks back…


A word of warning to anyone out there who’s listening – when shooting in a cellar always look out for overhead pipes (after a couple of collisions I learnt to have a look around before moving) and don’t go standing on empty kegs unless you’re really steady on your feet, I could’ve fallen off, broken my neck and died! Ok, that’s a bit over dramatic but you get the picture.

Anyway, get at me on Insta (@miktakesphotos) for some behind the scenes bits of everything going on over the next 7 days and I promise I’ll try to make them as interesting and/or funny as possible.