Let’s get personal

I hate downtime.

I have a short attention span and usually get anxious and twitchy if I’m not always doing something. Unfortunately this summer I’ve had more downtime than I had originally planned and I’ve been driving myself ever so slightly insane. To combat this I’ve decided that I’m going to start on my own little personal project, challenge myself to push some of my own boundaries and get a little bit introspective.

I’ll be calling the project “Places That Made Me” and it’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. I’ll be taking snapshots of the places that have meant the most to me during my years on this planet and reliving moments in time and events that I believe have shaped me and helped build me into the person I am today.

I’ll be posting all the photos within this blog after all my waffling text (so if you’re interested I suppose you’ll just have to check back every now and again) but I won’t be posting any captions or explanations with them, the photos will be there and that’s that. I’m hoping the shots will be enjoyed for what they are.


Places That Made Me

Places That Made Me