Mik Connor is a music and portrait photographer based in Preston, Lancashire.
A former touring and recording drummer on the UK unsigned circuit, Mik decided to switch places from the back of the stage to the front and take up residence in any photo pit he could find.
Hoping to take his experiences from playing in bands to help him along the way in photographing bands, Mik has already shown a great eye for finding shots to convey the energy and passion that bands and artists express on stage every night, receiving kudos from bands, fans and fellow photographers alike.
Although live music of any kind has been and always will be his main passion in life, once Mik threw himself into photography full time he discovered a love for portraits and trying to capture the perfect landscape while attempting to fulfil his insatiable wanderlust.
While Mik continues on his photography journey make sure you keep up to date with him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course through his portfolio on this site.  If you see him out and about in the real world make sure you say hello and ask him about his favourite debating topic; while making a proper brew, milk first - yes or no?
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