Live set - £50
Hire me to shoot your set at any venue within a 30 mile radius of PR6 8DN. For a half an hour set you will receive between 15 and 20 photos ready to post online or print.
Live set w/band portrait - £100
Shots of your live set with an added mini promotional portrait session in or nearby the venue before or after your show. 
15-20 live shots + 1 professionally edited, promotional portrait ready to post online or print. 

Live set w/ behind the scenes - £100
Shots of your live set with added behind the scenes shots ie load in/out, backstage, soundcheck, hanging with fans.
15-20 live shots + 5-10 behind the scenes shots ready to post online or print.

Live set w/ band portraits & behind the scenes - £175
All of the above.
15-20 live shots + 2 portraits in or nearby the venue + 5-10 behind the scenes shots ready to post online or print.

Promotional shoots - from £150
2-3 hour shoot
3 final images
Maximum 2 shoot locations - studio + location or 2 locations
Starting rate is for full band portraits only, individual shots will be extra
Unedited shots will not be released and will not be permitted for use
Band are liable for added shoot costs ie venue/prop hire
Credit or tag myself wherever the shots are used, band will receive the same from me on all social media outlets, website and blog posts

A usual promotional shoot will take between 2-3 hours (although this could be longer depending on conditions or shoot needs) and can either be shot in my studio space (based at PR6 8DN) or on location (within 30 miles of PR6 8DN) or a mix of both.
 After the shoot you will be able to view all of the shots taken during the session of which you will be able to choose your three favourite images to be edited. You will receive your three choices edited to magazine standard ready to post online or print (posters, albums art etc).
If you need more than what is listed above - more final images, more locations or added individual shots, feel free to get in touch via email on or by using the contact form here with a quick description of what you need and I'll get back to you with a personalised quote.
In the meantime have a look around the galleries on the site for some ideas or inspiration and follow me via "@mikconnor_" on both Twitter and Instagram for more up to date information and too see what else I'm up to, shooting and listening to.
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